L'illusionniste animation

L'illusionniste from Tom Caulfield on Vimeo.

L'Illusionniste encore! from Tom Caulfield on Vimeo.

Heres two scenes i worked on from the Sylvain Chomet film "L'illusionniste" I feel lucky to have work on such a unique film and am greatful to work with such a talented group of people so passionate and commited to animation.
So thank you to everyone that made working on this film a real treat for me.
If you get the chance to see the film i hope you enjoy it.

both videos are copyright Django films and Pathe.


Patrick Semple said...

awesome dude.
great drawing and timing.

Fair play boss

Tobias Schwarz said...

great scenes tom!

Karen Harte said...


Mark Kjærgaard said...

This is really gorgeous work. I hope I'll get to see it in the danish cinemas at some point. Thanks for posting.

tom caulfield said...

Hey Paddy, Thanks so much for the very generous comment. 2D is all i'll say ;)
Thank you too Toby, a great comment coming from a talented dude like yourself is really something.
Hey Karen, thank you for your comment i really appreciate the time you took to jot it down, that goes for you also Mark, thank you so much.
Yeah the release dates were a bit on the lean side for the film. I think your best bet of seeing it would be to check in on any film festivals that may be going on in your area. I hope you get to see it soon.

Patrick Semple said...


Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Gorgeous animation as always Tom. Now I really want to see the movie! ;) Take care my friend!

Louise said...

they look great! nice work tom :)

Martin Fagan said...

Hey Tom. Fantastic animation. Really solid and consistent and not a shred of Rotoscope involved. I'm looking forward to seeing the final film as I'm sure it's full of slick scenes like these. The future of 2D animation is in safe hands.
Keep up the good work.

Gillian Comerford said...

Hey Tom Happy Christmas to you. Your animation is fab as always. Have a great New Year

john said...

deadly movie to work on, fair play. i was wondering recently what you were up ta?

Andrea Pucci said...

Very good work Tom! The animation and the drawing too! Very beautiful.

Richard said...

Hiya Tom,
Nice to see some of your current work. Great stuff!!
Hope you're doin' well.

Mark Kilkelly said...

I really enjoyed the animation in this film. Not too sure about the storytelling in comparison to Belleville Rendez-Vous but still an enjoyable film.
Really admire your work on these scenes.

Mayumi Elisa said...

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