Martin Fagan

A few posts back i wanted to draw your attention to the beautiful works on the blog's of Alfredo and Alessandra, two very talented and very generous friends of mine. I'm here again to encourage you all to stop by and say hello at the blog of an equally talented and equally generous (but not Italian) friend, Martin Fagan. I've known Martin for a few years now and am constantly amazed at the level of quality he brings to his work be it his work on the Bluth films, his illustrations or his random doodles they always ends up looking solid, interesting and gorgeous. I've posted just a few of his doodles for an OZ project hes doing but if you go to his blog theres plenty more to check out. If you click his name above you'll go right there or alternatively theres a link to the side. Happy perusing!


Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Yay Martin! The man who kept his pencils in the fridge: awesomeness!!!

Martin Fagan said...

Thanks for the link and the kind comments Tom. It's very much appreciated.

Alessandra - Sshhh!! That's a trade secret.

Patrick Semple said...

cool post man,
hope to see some of your work soon.

Romain Bizat said...

good job , i like your character design so cool Bravo