Alf 'n' Ale

Slightly different post this time. This is a post to thank two very very special people. Two special people that have made me a better person by knowing them and thought me to say the most important thing in Italian.
The two people in question are Alfredo Cassano and Alessandra Sorrentino.Yesterday they posted links from there blog to mine and said some fantastic things and i'd just like to thank them and let them know how very very greatful i am to them not only for the post but everything else. Im so lucky to be able to call them friends.Thank you both and Ora del te ;)I'm sure most of you have seen their work by now and if not please stop by their blogs where you'll find some brilliant artwork and more besides href="http://pandaleina.blogspot.com/">http://pandaleina.blogspot.com/ href="http://nfrituzza.blogspot.com/">http://nfrituzza.blogspot.com/ Heres a few images aswell to whet the appetite:


alf said...

Hey hey

Now we are scarlet :)
Thanks so much!!

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

haha, ORA DEL TE' indeed ;)

RAWLS said...

Yea, Alessandra actually sent me your way! Beautiful work my friend. Great style and design sense!!

tom caulfield said...

Hey Alf and Ale, seriously its the least i could do for all you've done for me and naturally a big cuppa is right here beside me as i type. Thank you so very much again ;)
Hi Rawls, man im so thrilled you have already experienced the work from Alf and Ale. Thank you so much for the kind words i really appreciate it alot, so thank you ;)

Marcelo Vignali said...

I just discovered your blog thanks to Ale. Great stuff Tom.