Random Doodles

Just some random doodles.


Alessandra Sorrentino said...

so great to see your doodles again!
love them all! the dog is so funny and...the blue one! he reminds me of you in some way! he doesn't look like you but there's something in the eyes...like your evil 45 years old alterego...haha oh no that's scary you shouldn't listen to me :D
well done my friend, keep it up!!

Patrick Semple said...

i love the girl, she looks twisted and scary but still kind of sexy. nice one dude.i think its her smile that scares me.:)

Bobby Pontillas said...

These are fantastic. Great personalities, great shapes!

XAV said...

eheh, ver good tom ! it seems you've been visiting the blog of Julien Lerolland :p

luke said...

nuvver nice one, sweet indeed. I like blue guy's fingers... speaking of which, don't s'pose you know when/if 'Kells' is coming out in the uk on dvd? I think I've managed to get a copy of a mate of a mate who's gone over to Ireland... Anyway, great stuff!

tom caulfield said...

Ale again i thank you for all your support, Hmm maybe the blue one is a foreshadow of me at 45. So what if i turn evil i'll have hair!
Hey Paddy thanks for the comment yeah she's a bit rough looking alright wouldnt like to get on her bad side.
Hi Bobby Thanks so much for the visit and the comment it's really appreciated so thank you
Hey Xav man my only hope is that there half as good as Juliens doodles then i'd be a happy man. Thanks for stopping by
Hi Luke thanks for stopping by. Regards your question i'm so sorry but i dont know whats happening to Kell's regards dvd release in the U.K. if i hear of anything i can pass on the info but i hope your able to get your hands on a copy before then.

R.Dress said...

Haha I love that dog.

Lidix said...

Great Sketches!!I love it!^^