Its a Peg Bar Affair

Hey there
Heres something a bit different. Recently i did a little interview for an animation blog called It's a Peg Bar Affair.
Peg Bar is a Blog set up in Ireland and it's focus is highlighting all things Irish in the animation industry. Peg Bar is made up of Daniel Spencer, Ben Hennessy, Anna O'Sullivan, Lisa Scannell and Ben Harper, and with there powers combined have done some fantastic work in helping give the irish animation industry a voice.
Already they have held some awesome events and have done some awesome interviews with the promise of more to come, so please give them your support by clicking on the link across the way.
I'd also like to thank them for taking the time and for asking me for the interview.
and for editing the swear words;)
Keep up the goood work Peg Bar!

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eamonn o' neill said...

wise words tom!
i enjoyed this with a cup of tea :)