Pokemon, My guilty pleasure!


Patrick Semple said...

That is a guilty pleasure. Do you mean the Gameboy games or the tv show

Patrick Semple said...

looks really cool

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

haha it eventually came out!!!! :D
looks great my friend ;)

Louise said...

ah, its also my secret shame..

great pict, go bulbasur!

spencer said...

hey tom

was just wondering if you'd do an interview for 'peg bar'. Its an animation networking event in Ireland check out


please get in contact with me at spencer.zerocapital@gmail.com

Oh and i've done some photoshop work with your uncle Alan in the past (ABC framing in raheny). He found out i was in college learning animation and told me about yourself.



Anonymous said...

pokemon is one of my guilty pleasures also! gliscorrrrrrrrr!